I am an experienced Mathematics and Computer Science educator and tutor. I've worked with students middle school through graduate school. I am currently accepting new students. Please click on the tabs for more information.

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Basic Mathematics

Java Programming

Javascript & JQuery

SQL Databases

NoSQL Databases

Tutoring & Homeschooling Services

Steve has over a decade of experience working as a private tutor. He holds a B. Sci. in Mathematics and Computer Science, and an M. Sci. in Computer Science, and has worked as an adjunct professor for City University of New York and Lewis University.

Steve has worked with students at all levels, from grade school through grad school, from remedial to advanced.

He currently has limited availability for private tutoring and homeschooling.

Student Testimonials

"Stephen helped me break into learning the more complicated side of programming in order to help advance my career and leverage opportunities in the workplace. Thanks to him I'm excited to problem solve issues that come up in my everyday workload."
- Andrea Kaplan

"Stephen is an excellent teacher and mentor... He is easy to work with and very patient with his students."
- Virginia Willits

"Stephen is a kind and patient tutor. As an adult working to finish a degree, I was overwhelmed and confused until I met Stephen. After working with him for a semester, I received an A in my calculus class. I highly recommend Stephen for students of any age!"
- Julie O’Connor, Fordham University

"Prof. Weierman is an amazing teacher"
- a student at BMCC

"Very patient and caring"
- Tanya, BMCC


Free Consultation!

Supplemental Tutoring

For students currently enrolled in an accredited institution.

Buy 10 hours of tutoring, save 20%! 10 hour block must be paid in advance and used within 12 months of purchase.
$640 / 10 hrs


Contact me for details.

Professional Development - For IT Professionals in need of learning new skills



What is ITERAN?
ITERAN stands for Information Technology / Education Research / and Networking. It is a new project aimed at making quality information technology training practical and affordable.

Who generates the content?
All content is generated by Stephen Weierman, a mathematics and computer technology educator with over ten years of teaching and individual tutoring experience. This content is based on both his experiences as an educator and software developer, and is provided to all students who enroll in a course at no extra cost. All course materials will be made available to the general pubilc via a Creative Commons License.

What courses will be offered?
Plans are in the works to offer a courses on Database design/implementation, JavaScript / JQuery for Web Developers, Java Application Development. Contact Steve for more information.

What makes this different from other training centers/schools?

Will you do my homework and/or take my online quiz/test for me?
No, I will not. You are taking a course to learn, and have your knowledge and understanding of the course material evaluated. My doing your work for you would be both unethical and fraudulent, so don't ask.

About Steve

Stephen Weierman has over a decade of experience as an educator, working both as a professor of mathematics and computer science and a private tutor. He loves learning new technologies, and sharing both his knowledge and enthusiasm with others. His students come from all backgrounds and walks of life, and range in age from 8 to 80. View his full resume here.

His experience has taught him that most tertiary computer science curricula fall short of adequately preparing students for careers in the field. He is starting ITERAN to help rectify that problem. Steve believes there is a need to rethink everything about how we do education, from grades, to class structure. ITERAN strives to free education from the confines of school.

His mission in starting ITERAN is four-fold:

  1. Provide practical and affordable information technology training.
  2. Provide other educational services and resources in mathematics and computer science, including homeschooling services and supplemental tutoring services.
  3. Conduct research in computer training education to constantly refine and improve our services. We are actively researching use of inverted classroom, gamification, and other interactive learning methods.
  4. Help professionals make connections with other professionals while learning new technologies. Help educators make connections with other educators.

To schedule an appointment by phone, video, or in-person, contact Steve here.

Courses will be made available through Skillshare and online at Udemy.


You can contact Stephen Weierman here.

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