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Stephen J. Weierman

Stephen J. Weierman has worked as a university professor, software engineer, private tutor and corporate trainer. He holds two Master's degrees: Computer Science (DePaul University, Chicago) and Theology (Union Theological Seminary, New York).

I've never been a fan of this sort of self-promotional, over-professional, stuffy web copy. I don't like writing them, and I don't like reading them. It always somehow feels like I'm reading something insincere. Perhaps that's why I keep breaking the fourth wall here.

I just want to take my diverse and eclectic background and help others however I can, Now, more than ever, it feels like we all need reminders of reasons to keep faith and hope in the future, so we are called to be of loving service to one another. Beloved community, church, sangha, chosen family, mastermind group, mutual aid network, whatever form it takes, people are finding ways to help each other through seemingly impossible circumstances.

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