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May 6, 2024 - Jul 27, 2024

Introduction to Programming with Java and ChatGPT

  • 83Days


This introductory computer science course utilizes Java and ChatGPT, offering an interactive way to learn programming and object-oriented concepts. Over 11 weeks, students explore variables, data types, control structures, and OOP principles like inheritance and polymorphism, emphasizing practical application. The course integrates ChatGPT for code generation and concept clarification, enhancing learning efficiency and providing insight into AI-assisted programming. Sessions include hands-on practice in writing, testing, and debugging Java programs, culminating in a project week where students apply their skills. This course is designed for beginners, aiming to develop problem-solving skills and computational thinking, preparing students for the evolving tech landscape. It's perfect for those starting their journey in computer science, blending foundational programming knowledge with innovative AI integration.

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