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One-on-One and Small-Group Training/Tutoring

I have over two decades of experience as a private tutor, university professor, and corporate trainer. Whether you need to learn a specific platform or technology, or wish to fortify your organizational security with best practices, I will develop a curriculum and plan-of-action to meet your needs.

Public Speaking & Preaching

Bible Study and Prayer Groups

Right now, we all need more reason to hope.  Things are looking frightening, and now I find myself asking, what can I do to help?

I have preached and given talks in secular, Christian, Buddhist, and ecumenical settings. I consider myself a Metaphysical Christian and Nichiren Buddhist. I believe that God/Source/Divine reveals Itself in different ways to different people in different contexts. I believe that God is Love, and therefore all who love must know God. (1 John 4:7-8) I believe creation is an act of play and beauty and that life should be thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated. The best way to do that is through taking full responsibility for our life and helping those in need.

This is a time of both social turmoil and spiritual awakening. I believe that we, through helping each other, through gathering in prayerful collective use of our sacred imagination, can envision and create a more peaceful and compassionate world. I believe that underneath the cynicism and doom that is pervading the world right now, there is a profound and powerful spiritual movement that transcends religious, political, cultural, and social boundaries.

I've led classes using Contextual Bible Study (CBS), working with both the traditional canonical Bible as well as incorporating non-canonical works. I've also deeply engaged with Christian, Buddhist, and Hindu texts.

I am a strong advocate for and believer in the power of both affirmative prayer, meditation, mantras, auto-suggestion, and active, prayerful play. I believe Spirit is at work in us and through us as we bear each other's burdens and lift each other up.


I use an intuitive approach to the Tarot to provide new perspectives and apply creative problem-solving methods. A note about the Christian practice of divination: The practice of divination has existed in the church since the apostles first cast lots to decide who would replace Judas, and has continued in various forms through the ages. Many Christians are taught at a very young age that if they have a problem and don't know what to do, open the Bible to a random page and begin reading, and ask how the passage applies. This is a form of divination known as Bibliomancy. Our intuition and Spirit joins with symbolism to provide greater insight.

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